September 13, 2002

I had a major breakthrough today on one of my projects. I’ve been at a wall for about a week and only today did I get through it. I’ve spent at least 30 hours working on it, trying to solve the issue, but I finally had to ask for help. I had an answer back within 12 hours and shortly thereafter implemented the solution. I got boucoups of work out of the way now.

I thought about the solution yesterday and asked the question before I left work, frustrated and without a clue. One of the solutions I received actually popped into my head during my shower this morning (IMHO, the best place to get your thinking together). Came into work and saw about four answers and two worked. I love getting things working….and on top of it all I had my 6 month evaluation at work and did rather well.

I have a few more things coming up, but unfortunately I can’t talk about them now….actually I can talk about two of them.

1.) Somehow I got rangled into the wonderful world of radio advertising. I *might* be doing an ad to help out our local NPR station in town. I will hear more later. I’ll see if I can get an MP3 of it to put on the website if it actually happens. It’s a good cause and maybe the sound of my voice won’t drive away listeners.

2.) I’m going to learn the fine art of archival interview techniques from the fine folks at the National Archives . I will be conducing some on-camera interviews that will eventually wind up in the National Archives. I’m more of a 2nd string interviewer, but it will be a neat experience…..did i actually say “neat”? Anyways, I’ll talk more about this later when I can expand on the actual project.