NTLM, ISA, Microsoft, and Mozilla

September 17, 2002

I use to be very pro-Microsoft. Most of that has started to be chipped away as they add features and licensing that are working against me. But the final straw is the fact that if you run the Microsoft ISA server as your proxy, all non-Microsoft browsers and operating systems can’t connect to the internet unless you open that proxy to anonymous logging. In other words, make your system less secure. I looked on the newsgroups, and they all go back to the fact that you have to use NTLM that only IE provides….unless you have the client (pssst that’s only works on Windows). These damn gotchas go back to using proprietary software. At least with the Mac…or OS X, you can use BSD or Linux tools to protect your systems and networks. Systems that work with everything from Windows to Mac to Palm Pilots and Dreamcast boxes.

At the same time, I should also scold Netscape. Why can’t this be added as a plug-in for Navigator or even Mozilla? Well there are two Bugzilla (1 ,2 )requests for this. But most of it involves “passing the buck” back to Microsoft instead of implementing NTLM capabilities in Mozilla or showing a Windows hack on how to use this with Python. The average end users in corporate environments will not be able to get changes made to an ISA server. They need to be able to configure from the browser instead. It’s all too damn frustrating. I don’t understand why this isn’t a priority. The first emails about this were in 2000! Maybe it will be in the Moz 1.2 release…..looking at the messages toward the bottom of the Bugzilla entry #1 actually gives me some hope for that.

After I wrote that last sentence, I downloaded the 1.2 Alpha of Mozilla and that feature isn’t included 🙁 So this browser compatibility list holds true…. I did look around the status update for last week and NTLM is next on darin’s list.

**Update 9.2003

Mozilla 1.5b, Windows 98, and Mozilla are working together.

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