Yorba Loeb

September 20, 2002

I know I’m a latecomer with this and initially I really didn’t like them. However, I’ve been hearing them on the radio and the TV and just had the urge in Target tonight to buy their CD. I’m digesting it now as I plan to rebuild a computer. It’s not bad. This “Them” I am referring to are The White Stripes .

“Fell in Love with a Girl” is blasting out into my office as I type this. It’s really not bad. It’s something I would love to take on a long driving trip. Granted, this isn’t Rush. But raw, catchy, “slinky” rock music and I do like this.

We actually made two CD purchases tonight. Lisa Loeb has a new cd called “Cake and Pie” and Niki is in the other room listening to it currently. I’ll probably listen to it over the weekend. The two CDs are very different, but it sounds like they’re both good CDs.