One Paragraph Movie Review : One Hour Photo

September 24, 2002

I will go ahead and say, that I didn’t really like this movie. It’s not scary, but creepy. Robin Williams’ character, Seymour or Sey the Photo Guy, is a loner who processes photos at a one hour photo lab. He is very methodical in nature, every print has to be perfect, everything has it’s place. Over the course of a decade Sey, has developed the film for a young family, who he has attached himself to and collected his own copies of their photos. He imagines himself as “Uncle Sey”. So he stalks the family to get more fodder for his imagination. It’s a straight forward movie, nothing too surprising, some creepy moments. But you leave the movie with too many unanswered questions. The movie does well without blood and gore, but some small violent moments.


– Robin Williams’ character reminded me of my 9th Grade Science Teacher….an equally creepy man.

– Every scene in the movie has a set that was “perfect” like Sey’s photo lab. No dirt, no messy plates, etc.

– It’s a slow paced movie. Runs about 1.5 hours and if it was in normal time, would be a creepy special on Sci-Fi.