Dr. Romano as a computer

September 27, 2002

Last week, I talked about moving my Mac clone to a tower case. The case sucks… but other things have happened this week. I started having problems with the hard drive on either Sunday or late Monday evening. I was gone for two days this week, so I haven’t had time to get my computer back together.

Between commercials of last night’s season opener of “ER”, I would run into the office and try to boot the system and troubleshoot. I reset the PRAM and then I started trying to boot from CD and then have it find my SCSI drive…containing nothing really of value except OS X. I kept changing the location of where it was on the SCSI chain, the CD works so I knew it wasn’t the cable or the port. Finally, I think after Dr. Romano had his arm severed by a lifeflight chopper, I connected a small IDE (5gb) drive to the IDE controller instead. Booted up and was able to install OS9. I let it install while I was asleep and woke this morning to find it working. I’m not going to reinstall OS X until this system can support it better….OS9 works for now and works until I can get my Powerbook going or until I can get some more parts in.