1 Down, 1 to go

September 28, 2002

I am please as punch that my PowerBook is back to working condition. If you check back through the archives, I blew a power management module and then it stopped working after it was replaced. I did some inspecting and there was a slight tear in the AC adpater, possibly from Ziggy, and thought I would at least get a new AC adapter. It came in, an iBook one, and works fine with the Wallstreet.

I have really been lost without it and haven’t been able to get some of my sidework complete. Now maybe we can design Niki some business cards at home, insead of trying to get ideas together on an old Windows laptop or an equally old PowerComputing system. And I think that was also the reason I stayed up way too late last night “Geeking Out” or maybe it was the rather shitty day I had….