September 28, 2002

All in all my workshop at the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing went well. I have a lot to digest, my head is still swimming. I was in a room for 12 hours with my peers, exchanging ideas. I believe I was the lone designer in there, as most of the people seem to have been Marketing Directors, Publications, etc. While the web people were mainly dealing with CMSs and other dirges. I was glad that they discussed the W3C standards and section 508, as most healthcare websites ignore those.

It was also good to know that after working on a website for months, I was actually on the right track. We’re doing some of the same things that the example sites are doing. The best part was knowing that I didn’t have to chuck anything….

Part of the workshop was feeling like I was in Spy vs. Spy as the web person from the local competing hospital was there along with one we compete with regionally. While I talked about the web in general and mentioned that we were in development, I felt hindered that I couldn’t say our eventual plans to the group as a whole. I was pulled aside by some of the others, where I talked more about our plans. Nothing confidential of course, just techniques and products we’re using. I mentioned things like and A List Apart to go along with the mentions of Bobby and the W3C.