thoughs on weblog writing

October 2, 2002

I really have nothing to pitch. I talk about my life, some health problems, some thoughts, some news. I can’t really blog about the “exciting” things that happen at work, mainly because of respect to the people it effects. And that’s the “rub”.

I’ve worked a couple of high profile events, very newsworthy events, but I respect my separate roles. As a Weblogger, I write about my life and talk about what I want to. As a PR/Marketing person, I must respect the privacy of the company, governmental officials, news agencies, and on and on.

As I thought about writing this entry, I thought about how Amy controlled what she said to a reporter. She didn’t want to be a lede on 9-11. She, like any journalist, knows what can be used and what couldn’t. While I’m not a journalist, I am around events that are newsworthy. I make it a policy not to discuss these things online. I love my job, love my family, and I really don’t want to make this fun thing turn into something that bites me.

Does this effect my writing? Yes. At times tremendously. Like here . My work got to me. Talked about it with Niki, couldn’t talk to anyone online. Many people were effected that day and dammit, if you were around them you just felt like you lost someone too. There are other things that have happened, to where I actually pulled some of my posts. While I had no problem talking about my health problems in 2000 & 2001, I really resisted talking about Niki’s until I cleared it with her. She had problems at her old employer, I had a scathing entry and toned it down after running it by her. I had lots of problems with my old employer, but no matter how bad I was being screwed over, I couldn’t bring that online.

It’s that thin little line that sometimes gets crossed. If you respect people, you almost have to censor yourself.