Xin Loi

October 7, 2002

We had our local anti-war demonstration in town and the images of it on TV were almost comical if not like the scenes from a movie. We had the women who look like the stereotypical prudes, long dresses carrying signs supporting the government .Then we had the young men who looked like they were 18-21, with long bushy beards and wearing flannel. Then the camera goes to a line of “womyn”, if you have seen P.C.U. then you get the idea…really the women were about 18-21, with dirty looking t shirts with the anarchy symbols imprinted on them….and they had hairy armpits. Just the type of thing ma and pa aren’t use to seeing on the 11pm news.

Not trying to sound like Mr Macky, but “war is bad, m-kay”. We know that. But how can we protect ourselves? Shut off our borders? Invade other countries? The UN sure isn’t going to do something promptly. Just not going to happen. Seeing a bunch of hippies on TV yelling at the anti-anti war protesters isn’t going to help.

I’m not all that sure where I stand yet. I just know it’s not over there —> or over there <-— . If I had a family member in the forces, I would probably be more against it. It’s selfish, ok. The stories of my Mom’s friends who lasted about a week in Nam push that. My Mom went to school with boys who didn’t make it past the summer after graduation. After graduation they went into basic and then into Nam, and then into a body bag. And that is just a shitty way to die. But more of our men and boys went over and are still suffering….and who’s to say what’s a worse way to exist? Die at 18 not really knowing life or Die at 60 & remembering those who died at 18 and the sights and sounds surrounding that.