guinea pig

October 15, 2002

The wonky little crash that Internet Explorer commits, is really baffling. I can use it for tens of minutes and I actually ignore what I’m using and then *crash* it dies. It’s really random. One time it will crash on the first link, second time stay up for 30 minutes, third time crash 5 minutes into it….other times it’s like starting an old lawnmower. Crank…puh.putter..crash….crank…puh.putter…crash. I’m really banking on either Mozilla to implement NTLM or 10.2 takes care of this. But from what I’ve heard, 10.2 won’t solve this and it’s not going to be in Mozilla 1.2 .

While I’m griping about all things computer and software, the little search box to the left is going away soon. The Atomz engine use to work so much better. MTSearch is working great on my test site, and when I get finished with the design, that little Atomz engine can go bye-bye. I’m really trying to get a site that I like and is very functional. And having a good g*d search engine is one of those points.

*update I put my money…or actually my time where my mouth is. I volunteered to be a guinea pig for NTLM Mozilla to one of the Netscape people working on it. But with a lot of things, they’re so busy and this isn’t a high priority….but they’re hopeful that it will be in the 1.3 release. I’ve been bitching about this (openly) for a month now and will put it to rest until 1.3 betas start appearing.