Zeitgeist, Zut Alors! Zeitgeist!

October 17, 2002

I’ve been analyzing the Google Zeitgeist for August, part because they direct more visitors to the work site than any other referrer and part to compare their trends with mine. If you look to the “Web browsers Used to Access Google” graph, IE 6 use has just taken off with IE 5.x in a death spiral. One little note on that graph, look at the Netscape 4.x results….notice when they took a small dip? Summer 2002….when schools are out of session and a majority of dorms are empty. It looks like it is on a steady descent now.

So how does this compare to my stats? Well the Windows/OS used to visit Google almost mirror what we’re seeing on this site and my work site with Windows 98 at the top of the list with Windows 2000 below that. Our Windows XP numbers are lower with the NT numbers a little higher, but all-in-all they resemble our stats.