rusty bits

October 18, 2002

I must admit, I’m getting a little rusty on my Windows 98 troubleshooting. A co-worker’s machine was running, but for some reason the networking crapped out. I could ping anything….but couldn’t telnet, ftp, or use a browser. I blew out the settings and reinstalled and still had the problem. I connected my USB ethernet adapter and still had the problem. So after pulling my hair out, I found a site (available under “Today’s Bookmarks”) that has a good example of hacking through the registry and removing Dial Up Networking. I did all of that and it works. Basic troubleshooting, I know. Since I couldn’t get online, I had a wait until the box was in my lab.

I don’t know why I still work on computers…

I have another client’s laptop here with a dead hard drive, and can’t find someone to get another one here on time and in stock. I also have a Sun Sparcstation2 here, that I really need to toy with or trade for some other parts. I have a giant external SCSI setup that I need to put on our desktop Mac at home. And I really need to get some of this stuff outta here before we move in January and before I lose my lab in the coming weeks.