ChangeLog v 5.0

October 24, 2002

Welcome to version 5.0 of the weblog at One thing you might notice, is that I’ve removed the “man/myth/geek” title that hovered over this site on and off for about a year and a half. It should appear on the MT updated list,, and as weblog:mkelley

I’ve also changed the archives. Now there are Monthly and Individual only. Taking a cue from one of my new favorite reads, etherfarm, the monthly archives will list the first paragraph then link to the full entry in the individual archive. *still working on this*

– Permalinks and comments section are all the same same now. No popups. No routing back to my CGI comment script. I like this setup better.

– External links have been moved to my Bookmarks section, with my favorite weblogs hovering at the dropdown menu at the top of this screen. *working on this too*

– Removed the Atomz search engine and replaced it with MTSearch.

– Upgraded to MovableType 2.5

– Moved from a Berkeley DB to MySQL

I developed this new template by hand, threw out all of the stock MovableType code that I’ve been using and went through the manual picking, choosing, testing until I found what would be better for the site. The design of the template is in XHTML instead of the variation of my “bridge” template I’ve been using for most of this year.

* 1 Question *

I’m trying to figure out why when I specify “dotted” as a border attribute, it shows up as “dashed” in Windows IE. Looks good in Mac IE, Mozilla (Mac/Win), and Opera (mac/Win). Netscape 4 even did a decent job on it.

And yes, it kinda validates…..working on that too.