As Freddie Mercury Would Say…

October 26, 2002

Well my Powerbook has bit the dust again….the same way it did last time. So I thought I should come clean about why it keeps blowing Power/Sound cards. See if you drop it, it lands exactly on the back port where the AC adapter plugs into the laptop (since most of the weight is on that corner) and that breaks the connection between the female plug-in and the card. You have sound and you have power. But the power is only as long as your battery can hold. This time when the PBook was dropped, it also cracked the back of the case and bent the metal on the door “protecting” the back ports.

So, this was the final straw with the laptop. I’ve purchased a new power card and a new AC adapter…roughly worth 1/2 of the laptop’s value. I’m not about to pump more money into a laptop that’s value isn’t going up. I’m going with my original plan: To part out the working pieces, now minus case, and put that fundage toward another Mac. So for now, I’m going to put my old PowerComputing system back together…or bring my Windows computer (the infamous MadCow) back into commission. Don’t know yet.

I spent today scraping data to CD-R, with the hopes of getting it installed on an actual system soon. The battery ran out of juice an hour ago, so it’s now sitting waiting to be parted out. Any takers?