Referral Log Spam

October 27, 2002

On a recent Blogroots thread and now a Wired article , there was talk of referrer log spam. What that means to those who don’t have websites, is that when someone comes to this website. I generally see what link they followed to get here. I see if you came from searching on google, or from a site that linked to me, etc. What the company mentioned in the article does, will spam a weblog’s referral log with links back to a customer’s website. But as I emailed Mastodon, there is an out:

_From: “[ f ]”

Date: Thu, October 24, 2002 12:19 pm

Subject: Re: logs


You can send us your URL and we’ll permenantely remove it from our database.

It’s not a spider, it reads only the blogs in the database.