A Call…

November 1, 2002

Do you want to write something outside of your personal weblog?

Do you want to help build a web community?

Do you want to dance?

After months and months of trying to put this together, I’m ready. I want Fourblogs to start by January with a few bloggers who can write whatever the hell they want. I ask that you write at least 3 times a week on a subject that you want to talk about. I’ve dropped the idea of having one person talk about one thing all the time….but hell if that’s what you want to do, then I don’t have a problem with it.

You would have a category under the main blog and a maybe access to a “guest blog”. Like all Movable Type blogs, there will be a comments section and the ability to Trackback from either your main blog or from others. Previous experience with Movable Type is not required.

What is the site going to be like? Don’t know yet. It’s a unique animal. Wanna be a part of it?

Contact Mike or use the Comments section.

p.s. if you’re interested, please include a link to your weblog(s) and three weblogs you enjoy.