bling bling

November 6, 2002

It’s so odd being back home. While we were in Vegas, our first view of each morning was of the Eiffel Tower [image ]. Our room was facing the strip and was directly across from Paris Las Vegas , and the Bellagio’s fountains. Beautiful view….hope to have the photos online tomorrow. But I digress. We returned home and we have a nice view of Lee Highway.

One of the first things Niki and I (along with our travel group) noticed, is that everything is so green here. I love the mountains in Vegas, just nice. Here there are trees everywhere. Just so different. While we’ve discovered we’re not really into Vegas, we had a blast.

I’ll be talking about this trip for the next few weeks, just because I got a lot out of the talks. I met the VP of Marketing for Coca-Cola, saw Willem Dafoe , and many other adventures. So as I ramble about the trip, please bear with me.