you speak to me in rhymes

November 7, 2002

I’ve been reading the stalking blog and the related BoingBoing discussion and it’s just odd seeing someone actively involved in their mental illness and their writings. I’ve been around mentally disturbed people in my time and this stalker, Ian, seems to exhibit just those mannerisms. Just really surreal thinking about the thought processes this man seems to go through.

I wrote a short story ages ago about a fictional stalker based on a couple of vignettes I saw in psychology class and an experience with an ex-girlfriend (after we broke up she stalked a couple of people). I was a little too stable to write that story, got an A on it, but it was just a little creepy writing it. I tried to expand on the story and actually thought about (in 1998 no less) about putting it online as a stalkers diary. But from reading the actual emails and seeing the discussions, who the hell needs fiction?

Sarah Mclaughlin’s song “Possession” is about the letters she received from a stalker. I’ve been trying to find the story about the song, but I just have a couple of memories from a radio interview with her. And it’s just a freaky thing to think about. Just to have someone so obsessed with you, is incomprehensible.