For Sale or Trade *updated*

November 8, 2002

Does anyone have a cheap Powerbook G3 laptop they want to part with?

I’m selling a couple of things off this weekend, with the hopes of being able to purchase a newer laptop. Drumsets, laptops, parts of apple laptops all for sale. See more for details……

For Sale or Trade:

(1) Ludwig Super Classic circa 1968-1970. Oyster Blue Finish. Clear maple interior with reinforcement hoops. Sizes: 12×8 16×16 22×14 and a 13×6 without metal hoops. All chrome is intact without rust. The tom mounts all work. Clear Remo Ambassadors on toms with original logo head on front. A couple of scratches on the covering, normal wear and tear. But a beautiful set.

This set was originally the drum set for Gordon Lee High School in Chickamauga, GA until purchased by a friend in 1994 and traded to me in 1996.

Ebay Auction for Ludwig Classic Oyster Blue circa.1968-71

(1) Slingerland Snare Drum circa.1963. 14×5 4ply Maple interior and reinforcement hoops with an outer ply of mahogany with mahogany lacquer. Purchased in 1996 as a shell and refurbished with era Slingerland lugs, rims, and strainer. Chrome over Brass snare-side rim with chrome batter side. With Remo Rennaisance head on batter. A good wood snare drum with a deep tone for a shallow depth drum. My main drum for recording during the late 90’s.

Ebay Auction for Slingerland 14×5 1963. mahogany lacquer

*SOLD* Ludwig Vistalite circa. mid-1970’s. Double headed 12×8, 14×10, 15×12 . Rare green vistalite. The hardware is in bad shape, but will include anyway. One rim per drum with missing lugs. No cracks in the shells, just needs some TLC to restore the rare green shells to their former glory.

Ebay Auction for Green Vistalites 12×8, 13×9, 14×10, 15×12 </strike>

Ludwig 14×10 snare drum. Gold/Orange Sparkle covering with white interior. No snare strainer. Good shape. Holes for a Ludwig p-85 Strainer.

Ebay Auction for 1963 Ludwig 14×10 Gold Sparkle

(1) Simmons Portakit. Late 80’s early 90’s. A little wear and tear. No manual, but with a little tinkering you can connect your MIDI module and play away.


(1) Roland Octapad 8. Late 80’s electric drum interface. One pad is a little hard to trigger. But otherwise not bad.

$100 (or best offer)

(1) Toshiba Satellite Pro 460 CDX. P166, 4gb HD, 32mb RAM, CD, external floppy, 56k modem. Running Windows 98se. Includes a laptop travel case. Works good as a student’s machine or as as travel system.


(1) 13″ LCD Screen for Apple Powerbook G3 Wallstreet. Screen is used and has some scratches on the case, but the screen is fine. Works well.


(1) Motherboard & 250MHz Processor for Apple Powerbook G3 Wallstreet. Both are used, but work.

$75 or best offer

(1) USB PCMCIA Card for Apples or PCs that need to add USB devices. Used 2 months.

$50 or best offer

(1) P2 333MHz System. Barebones. Case, processor, motherboard, 256mb Ram.


I also have more Wallstreet parts if anyone is interested.

Photos should be online tomorrow afternoon. If anyone is interested, please contact me via the comments section below or email. I accept PayPal only (unless you’re in the Chattanooga area – then a check or cash will do) and the buyer pays shipping.

If you say you saw the auctions from Al’s site, I will take $10 off of shipping….