hair pulling exercises

November 11, 2002

Between working on a major deadline and working on a couple of computers, I’ve been hella busy the past few weeks. First, I’m very proud to say that my next upcoming project (the previous mentioned deadline) has already validated as Section 508, CSS, and XHTML. Once we launch the project, I’ll have 6 weeks to correct any issues that will come up, and tweak some of the settings. There are sections where I’ve “duct taped” some css that will eventually refer to an external file. I also have this time to work on the Netscape 4.x issues that will pop up and fix the one… damn thing that is keeping parts of the site from validating. Anyone know of a XHTML dropdown menu, that validates? Right now I have about 7 things that have to be tested, implemented and in some cases redesigned before the launch….my list of post-launch items are three items long.