like tinkertoys with duct tape

November 12, 2002

All of my major projects over the past few months are all coming together. My main work site has heavily influenced my two personal sites, and the newly launched I would want to try something out, and I would use as a testbed at times. The rollover menus at fourblogs, were a test for the work site, and they seem to work. Very cool stuff.

I’m also realizing how easily it is to convert a site from tables and HTML 4.0 to XHTML and a CSS-based design. While the yet-to-be-unveiled work site is tables based, I have a strong feeling that by the spring or early summer, it will silently be moved to a tableless design. We have a lot of information on the main page, and just having a smaller codebase of a tableless design will load that faster. (I know I could have a working mockup of a tableless version of the work site in less than 4 hours, but it would take away from the main coding*{.liinternal})

The accessibility of it is a little off right now. But I will be adding some bits of coding to pull that even more into plum. Netscape 4 is another nightmare. But I’m fully prepared to drop support for it if we move to a tableless design. Having tables right now, is mainly for Netscape 4. That number has been dropping, and as soon as it moves to below 4%, I can kiss it goodbye.

It’s very odd talking about a site that only about 10 people have seen, that is on a private server, and is still under construction. Once everything goes live, then I’ll also put a page on that site about how it was built. It is an all consuming project and hopefully becomes an example of a modern healthcare website. Lofty goals I know, but obtainable.

*Before I left work for the day, I decided to try this using one of Eric Costello’s CSS templates as a base. I played around, moving some of the IDs and tinkering with the code. And it looks like what I have in a table currently. So it can be done and I actually had a kinda look-a-like in under an hour.</p>