counting to three

November 13, 2002

I’ve been fighting with my physician in the past few days. My last appointment was in August, and at that time I did a round of blood work to see if the medicine I was on was actually helping me. I received a letter a few weeks after that saying to basically up my diabetes medicine since my a1c’s were up quite a bit since my last test. I was at about 6.5 last time whereas non-diabetes are at 6 and under but this last test put me in the 8’s. Since I’ve been traveling a lot, I had to cancel an appointment in October. But I didn’t feel too bad about it, since I received a letter telling me my problems.

Flash forward to this week. I ran out of my Lipitor. I use it to lower my cholesterol, as with thyroid problems and with my love of all things fattening, it was substantially high. I was out of refills, so I called the Doc. I got a call back, saying that I needed to come in to refill that prescription. I then received another call that my labs in August were abnormal for liver and since Lipitor causes liver damage, they decided to halt my use of it. And that the letter should have said something about it.

All of this really wouldn’t have pissed me off, but the letter they sent only mentioned diabetes. And If it were abnormal liver readings, and Lipitor causes liver damage, then why was I allowed to continue on my Lipitor for three months…..three months. The Physician’s Assistant said something to the effect of, we would have told you in the October appointment. That was all well and good, but that was still two months of Lipitor use after the initial labs. So after getting the runaround from the PA I talked to my physician.

The Doc got on the phone and basically explained that it wasn’t in the letter because my levels weren’t bad enough to worry me. If I had double the normal numbers, then I would have known, but my levels while high weren’t enough to warrant the information. I was then told to come in whenever I wanted to get a new set of labs. Do I feel better after talking to him? Kinda? Am I still pissed? Fuck Yeah.

As soon as I get a new set of labs, I’m looking for another doctor. The good thing about working in the health care industry, you tend to hear about the good doctors from the inside. My office is in a damn physician’s office building, so you’d think I would find someone good.

While this could lead to a long rant about physicians, I’ll keep this short. I watched as my girlfriend, who’s now my wife, was misdiagnosed for over two years. I saw the bullshit she endured by her former doctor. I’ll be dammned if it happens to me. There are more than enough family practice docs in this region to put up with this.