Ripping out Hearts and Drums

November 16, 2002

eBay Seller List: iomike

I’ve had some really good responses via email from people interested in my auctions. But what’s troubling me, is that the main Auction only has one bid at this point. I don’t think the prices are too high, they fit into the range I looked at.

But I’m really doing some handwringing right now. Because I’ve had these drums for years and they’re in pristine condition. The Slingerland snare is a drum that I rebuilt and not one I really wanted to sell.

The big Ludwig set is actually (aside from the Rare Green Vistalites I sold last weekend) the most valuable set of drums I’ve owned. I’m keeping my Premier kit, but it’s only about $300. The price I paid for it when I was 18, 10 years ago. But it has the sound I love and just is something I looked for years to own.


God, I really hate selling this stuff, but I have no use for it anymore. And if the funds can purchase me a new iBook, then amen. If not, I’ll look at a used G4 desktop. But I really don’t want to take a bath in selling these drums.