A New…

November 19, 2002

For those that knew this, I have a side business. Mainly it’s a web design company, but at times it’s been a computer shop, business name for Niki’s side work, and just a name for all projects that I wanted to separate from this website. I’ve thought about folding the company for a while. It’s main business plan is to provide funding to keep this domain and hosting paid up. It does it’s job, but the business isn’t known as that name in the real world. So, I’ve decided to bring it’s website onto the mkelley.net domain at www.mkelley.net/public-works{.liinternal}.

So in formal terms, riv@ is now m.kelley public works{.liinternal}. It’s a one page website describing what I offer. I don’t have a set price list, mainly because what a company can usually afford a non-profit can’t. But I’m cheap.

I’m doing about three websites at MKPW right now. One is a weblog in development for a fellow Movable Type user, another a community group about to launch, and the other is the recently launched fourblogs.com. I’m serious when I talk about working with one client at a time. I only start on the next project when the current site is at 90% completion.