since1968 :: Steve Krug Interview

November 19, 2002

since1968 :: Steve Krug Interview

I sometimes forget how nice people are, until I read them again. When I was in Dallas, I met Steve Krug and enjoyed a wonderful nuevo-mex meal with him and a crew from Cedars-Sinai . And he is just as personable in person as he is in his book and interviews.

excerpt:”…we’ve all run into our share of sites that just don’t work. Is usability getting better? My gosh, yes.

There are still a lot of awful, broken sites, but I think that’s because there are so many sites. I think in another two years there’ll be another leap forward and sites will be–on average–much easier to use.

If you design websites, you really need to read his book . And if you ever meet him, he has a wealth of info about his time on eWorld.