empty voids / empty pockets

November 22, 2002

I remember being 19 in my favorite class ever, Political Science 101. I sat in a little pack in the back that consisted of 23-26 year-old women. I thought they were a lot older, but it was a fun class. We all did well, but I kept thinking “How in the world can you still be going to school in your mid-20’s?” I’m 28….29 in two and a half weeks and damn I feel old when I start talking about finishing school.

There is an empty void in my life. Is it children? Nope. Not Yet. Religion/Spirituality? Maybe. Education? Probably. Part of the reason I stopped going to college was the fact that I didn’t see the point….still don’t at times. I want to learn something outside this digital corner I’ve painted myself into. I want to learn more….about what I have no idea. English? eh. Engrish ? Ha! Journalism? Too old to start now. History? Maybe. Economics? Maybe if I was better in math.

I’m very lucky that my employer has a good policy on educational reimbursement. I’ll have to front the money, but (if I pass) will get the cash back at the end of the semester. Just don’t know where I’ll go to school.

I ran into one of my former co-workers last week at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. She went through the whole 14-month Quest program and now is starting a Masters program in the same way. Food for thought. Spend a little over 2 years learning and get two degrees.