Just Fix It! Just Tax It! Just Move It!

November 26, 2002

We’ve been living in this apartment for the past two years. It’s not bad, but the current management has let it go to hell. When it takes three weeks to repair a f*cking shower, that’s when I have a problem. The place is falling apart around us and the people in the other buildings just get trashier and trashier. The ones in our building are nice and pretty quiet. But the building behind us has the drug dealers and just the roudy people.

Part of my problem isn’t really that it took three weeks to “fix” a shower. It’s a big place. But when the maintaince men feel it’s their duty to (during the summer) interrogate my wife at the swimming pool about what apartment she lives in, question me as I put garbage into the dumpster about where I live, and freshen up the flowers three times a day, then it becomes aparant that they aren’t all that busy.

When I say “fix” a shower as oppose to fix a shower, it refers to the fact that our main shower isn’t fixed. It’s patched. And our other shower….my shower, the damn showerhead came out of the wall. I’m not even gonna talk about the rest of the place.

So needless to say, we’re moving. They even offered us the same rate as we’re currently paying. But nope, we’re leaving. We are going back to Niki’s old apartment complex in a very quiet corner….with a manager, a lifelong resident that’s about 80, and another manager living on our level. It’s a smaller place than what we have now, but the cost in savings will help us save for a down payment on a house.

Lee Highway is becoming a very trashy place. We looked at a couple of houses nearby, but just the thought of what we live around now X 5 to ten years isn’t looking good. So while we’re just moving 10 minutes way, we’re hoping that by next year I can say we’re moving even further away and back to North Georgia. In 2001, I could have seen myself live in Tennessee for a long time. But I really don’t see it now. The schools are horrible and the taxes suck. Yes, I’m naive. I know that most cities are like this.

If you can afford it, Chattanooga is a good place to live. Get a nice house and move to Hixon or Ooltewah….maybe even a nice place Downtown. Send your kids to McCallie, GPS, or Baylor. It’s a nice town then. I work downtown and would love to live there too. But it’s just not affordable. Otherwise move about 20 minutes south to Georgia and get a better school system and higher education for free. You pay income tax, but it’s cheaper than the 9.6% sales tax in Chattanooga. $18 per year vs. almost 10% on every item purchased in town. Georgia’s looking better isn’t it.

Now to just get out of this crappy apartment.