Weblogs: 25 Years into the future

November 26, 2002

The huge media conglomerate Pyra/Time Warner, recently completed their acquisition of General Motors from Salon.

Dave Winer mounts an unsuccessful senate campaign. Winer’s loss has been attributed to a scandalous photo posted on media website slashdot.org, of Mr Winer having a relaxing lunch and laughing with zaphod of Winerlog .

Tara Sue Grubb ‘s, NC (I), internet music taxation bill passed, resulting in life sentences for anyone downloading non regulated formats (MP3, MPEG, HTML) on the internet.

Community weblog Metafilter , recently announced their 1,000,000 member, MiguelCardoso3 : the grandson of MiguelCardoso. In the thread announcing the member, members were heard to say “I welcome our 1,000k Overlords”.

The beginning of what has been called “Alzblog” communities have sprung up, as the first wave of bloggers with Alzheimer’s continue to blog about the heyday of the late 20th century weblog communities.

The person thought to be the elusive “Neu” is actually 20th century terrorist, Eric Rudolph. FBI officials found Rudolph in the North Georgia mountains with a 8 x 8 shack complete with satellite internet connections.

The early 00’s web designer/guru to the stars, Jeffery Zeldman , has founded the “Cult of Jakob” in the Tennessee mountains. Tivo stars, Adrian Zimed and Moxie are said to be among the ten thousand members. Ironically the cult’s website doesn’t validate.