When Black Friday comes…

November 29, 2002

“_…I’m gonna dig myself a hole

Gonna lay down in it ’til

I satisfy my soul_ ”

Today on the largest consumer day of the year, I did my part. After selling off a lot of my drum collection, I ordered an iBook from Apple. Refurbished unit, 600MHz, a lot faster than the 250MHz G3 I had and the 200MHz 604 PowerComputing system I’m using now. I would have purchased the 700MHz with a Combo drive, but one drum set hasn’t sold as of now, so that money wasn’t there. But, it’s purchased and should be here next week.

All of this got me thinking….the last new computer I purchased was in December of 1994. Almost 8 years ago exactly. For about $1,800 I got a Compaq Presario CDS 520 486/66 SX with 4mb of RAM, built in monitor, cd, sound, and a 420mb Hard Drive. I thought I got a hell of a deal. I purchased this new laptop for $799 and for another $120 I’ll add 512mb of RAM to it (as a birthday present from Niki). So for about half of what I paid in 94′, I have a system more than equipped to do work from home. More able than I was with the little computer I first had. If I was able to spend what I did in 94′ today, I could have a TiBook or a 14″ iBook. Thanks everyone for buying a computer in the internet boom, so we can get so much more for less.

I remember pricing Macs in 94’…when they were actually in Office Depot and in Circuit City. They were so much more expensive at the time and to be quite honest, none of my friends had one. So we couldn’t trade bootleg (what we old timers called Warez) software. Plus I had just started my first computer job about 6 months earlier and was pushed away from a Mac from our head tech. Plus we didn’t use Macs there (except PR) so I couldn’t use that software on a Mac either.

I used a Mac in school and at an old job. Windows machines were becoming more and more in use at my College so I started to use them. I was always a Mac head, but those mid-90’s Macs were so horrible I was really hoping for Apple to die. I think I was really into the old Pippen concept, but Apple did nothing with it. So I became a boy-genius on Windows and stuck with that until a year or so ago.

(Ok Back on Topic)…What is really funny, is that after spending $1,800 on that first computer, I sold it on eBay this year for under $50. And the Mac Model I was pricing when I purchased the Compaq, is now on the bottom shelf of my computer desk (Next to a faster 6100 PowerMac and a Sparcstation 2 that I got for Free). It’s my bosses computer and she paid about $2k for it…..I found it on ebay for about $10. So I’ve set myself up to use the new iBook for about 3 years and probably won’t get anything higher than $200 for it when I replace it in 2005 for a Transparent Aluminum Powerbook with a 4GHz AMD Processor.