I’m coming back soon.

December 12, 2002

For now, I’m posting a little at the other site, fourblogs . Join in the discussion or suggest a link.

I’m also fighting with this damn new iBook. For some reason the kernel keeps crashing and now the sound isn’t working. I have a couple of things to test before I fully pass judgement on this machine. Oh and 10.2 is fscking slow…and this is coming from someone who happily used OS X.1.5 on a 250MHz G3 Powerbook.

Update: I did what I should have done in the beginning, completely format the drive. It came with 10.1.5 and 9.2.2 installed but I only had disks for 10.2. So when I installed 10.2 the first time, it was an upgrade. This time, I had it format the drive. That alone made it faster, very fast even with 128. The kernel crashes have been traced back to a bad so-dimm. So it was returned and was actually $20 cheaper across the road for good Kingston RAM. So we did that. And just adding an extra 256mb makes Jaguar live up to it’s name. The sound works too, but I trace that back to a bad reinstall of 10.1.5. So I’m happy.