Blogging BlogHog’s Blog Basket

December 13, 2002

I use a couple of little “utility websites” in my day-to-day website/blog viewing habits, one is BlogHog . For those that haven’t tried it, BlogHog has a list of websites that is gathered up from their XML/RSS feed. It’s like a web version of a RSS Newsreader. Pretty simple enough. You can use their list or make a list of your favorites. I’m listed too, I think I’m the 69th feed. There was a time I was in the “Top 100”

As much as I like/love BlogHog, I’ve noticed that a couple of the feeds are a few days (some weeks?) behind. The Metafilter feeds are about an hour behind with Jason Kottke’s being a couple of days behind. It’s not a big deal, but it’s just frustrating and would possibly put off someone who demands more than I do.

Why am I writing about this? I guess it’s a way to let my viewers in on what I see as a good website that isn’t promoted too much. But I’m also wondering how hard would it be to pull a PHP/MySQL (or .Net like BH uses) tool to scrape the Syndicated feeds off of websites and put together a dynamic, constantly updated website (*{.liinternal}). A cross between BlogHog and maybe. Blog pings a website and the website lists the latest 5 entries from the Blog’s syndication file.

Just a couple of ideas, really thrown together on my drive into work. I’m a really uber newbie PHP programmer (I can get it to print “Hello World”). So PHP was only a suggestion, if you can take this idea good…if not, ignore it.

Update 12-19-2001

Dave Farquhar has put together a way to pull this off using PHP only . According to him, it was all pretty simple. I looked at the code and to my untrained eye, it looks simple enough. I hope to check this out soon. Thanks Dave!