ul log

December 19, 2002

I spent about 3 hours this morning trying to get a navigation menu to work on Windows and Mac IE. No graphical menus, they’re all CSS/XHTML based. My original mock-up for the site had a nice rollover menu with some custom javascript. Then I started thinking about using tables as a hover component in CSS. I switched to that until today. I moved all of my navigation to lists and used css to transform the ul and li attributes to a nice menu that degrades well in older browsers. Waferbaby ‘s site was really an inspiration for a good list menu example.

Originally I had Movable Type code rendering the menus with the FilterCategories plugin spitting out a list of navigation categories. That worked really well until we needed to link to a page that couldn’t become a category entry. So all of the menus are static. I hate this, but it’s needed. Elsewhere on the site, I do have Movable Type rendering a drop down menu based on a category listing. I added some pages to a special category, then added code to render the titles surrounded by a select code.

It’s almost valid XHTML too. The only thing that it giving me grief, is that previously mentioned drop down menu. Everything else validates except for that one line of code on the main page. I’m going to clean up the code after we launch. It’s not bad now, but I would feel a lot better making a couple of hidden changes after we get every page locked down.

The site is XHTML and CSS based and layout is based on tables since we get a lot of older browsers. I worked on an all css-version a month ago , but it probably won’t go live until fall at least. But with the modifications made today, it’s not going to be too difficult to changing over. I have a lot of database driven content that would actually be simpler using a CSS layout.