-1 Days of Christmas

December 26, 2002

I had a good Christmas, received some nice things and really had fun. Shot some firearms for the first time in over 10 years. Nothing like the smell of gunpowder on Christmas day…ahhhhh. I wound up getting a lot of kitchen gear, pans mainly cast iron and one very nice (and as I found out later, very expensive) red Le Creuset French oven as well as a new chef knife for me. So it looks like I really need to do more cooking next year.

So unfortunately Christmas is over and now we have to start packing up our apartment. We take lease of the new place on January 15th with our current lease being up on the 30th of January. So we have enough days to move the small things over and to clean the place from stem to stern.

Also in this time, I’m going to have another mass eBay auction on a couple of things still around here: scanner, printer, 333MHz system, 17″ monitor, PowerComputing Mac clone, and lots and lots of software. I’m now down to one drum set, 3 snare drums, and hopefully one computer by the time we move. All of my decent Windows and Mac software is being boxed up and kept in storage. The only other computer I’m keeping is an old PowerMac 6100 and Mac monitor that I have plans for at work.

Oh and I’ll have two sites going live soon. So juggling large projects in all aspects of my life seems to be the main thing I’ll be doing for the rest of the year and until February.


i also decided to nix the winter stylesheet since it’s no longer the holiday. but I hope to have a working stylesheet switcher in the coming days.