VirtualPC – Make a Macintosh crash like a PC

December 27, 2002

This post is mainly a reminder and reference to myself. **Updated 12/31/2002-look at the end.

Now I don’t know how many of you out there use VirtualPC on a Mac, but I’ve had a hell of a time with the 5.0 upgrades. So many problems, that I’ve thought about buying a $60 200MHz Pentium off of ebay to do my Windows testing. It sure is cheaper than that damn VirtualPC 6.0 upgrade they just recently introduced.

The biggest problem, is when running under OS 9 and you share a local folder on the Mac side, if you try to access that folder in Windows, the computer freezes up. Really not a good thing when trying to share files and especially not a good thing when that is the only way I can FTP sites from behind our corporate proxy.

But if you look at the links below, you will see a dozen people who are really really pissed that the upgrade is going to cost more and there is even a small indication that not everything is fixed.


Connectix Care: Shared Folder and VPC 5.0.4

Connectix Care: VPC5/Quicktime issue not just shared folders

Connectix Care: 5.0.3 Shared folders crash Mac

* Update 12/31/2002 * I looked through the forums, and it appears that anything related to Windows NT runs better than the Windows 9x setups. I tried this using Windows NT 4 with Serivce Pack 6a, and I’ll be damned… actually was faster on my lil 600MHz iBook than Windows 98. I’ll try Windows 2000 next, but I might just stick with NT 4 for my Virtual PC testing.