Wine, No Cerveza

December 31, 2002

One of the gifts that Niki and I got for Christmas was a stand alone wine rack from my Mother. So we went out last night and purchased a couple of bottles to fill up our rack. While we’re not that big of wine drinkers, we really want to start. I’m not really fond of red wines, but I’ve decided to try a couple of the French reds. I also got a nice sweet German reisling (Auslese), since I really hate dry bitter wines. Niki is more of a white wine drinker, so we picked up a couple for her. We also received our favorite white zinfandel from one of Niki’s co-workers. (yes I know it’s a kool-aid wine, but you have to start somewhere.)

Part of the fun has been putting the new rack together. We had it together two separate times before I realized that someone *ahem, not me* forgot to assemble the shelving. So in the midsts of putting the rack back together, it’s unstable. So I’ll probably disassemble it again and maybe secure it a little better. Wood glue and some extra stabilizing brackets, should help out.