mixing down for the new year

January 1, 2003

Hope everyone had a good and safe time on the 31st.

Well, we started the new year on a quiet note. Spent the eve with friends and family and celebrated by watching children throwing confetti. We slept in and I cooked up a nice pork tenderloin and, since we are in the south, black eye peas and greens. This was our first experience with either and I guess they’re a lot better than when I tried them both as a child.

Between playing video games and watching movies, it’s still quiet. And it’s nice.

I spent a couple of hours putting some selections together for a CD. Niki asked me to put some songs together for her salon, so unfortunately I had to add some Britney, but I threw in a couple of old school songs like Prince’s “Kiss” and “Relax”. I found some alternate mixes and downloaded them and added to their own library. I wanted to add some Moby, but the selections on OpenNapster and Limewire were for shit today.

I wish I had a couple of more hours to search around, perhaps for disk 2 of this mix, but I just wanted to add something different to that salon. I couldn’t really rely on my collection of MP3’s here, because quite frankly they don’t suck as bad as the top-40ish music I’m burning right now.