um, i’m like tired or something.

January 4, 2003

my eyes are so sore right now.

i have two sites launching next week and hopefully everything will go almost as planned. i’m testing some javascript that’s causing me headaches. the js isn’t a showstopper…wait, it actually is. damn….i also have a vendor that i might have to sit down and explain the joys of valid css and xhtml to them. i think i still have only one error keeping me from “official” xhtml status and that is just a javascript that i can comment out for old browsers.

i found my original concept mockups for the new site and hope to compare the original code to what we’re going to have live. the dropdown menus were always there, but I ditched a table or two. i still have a rough tableless version of the site in my test code pile. so while i might not be able to update the new design, my next work project will be based on what i learned putting this one together.

i learned a lot, but i hope to learn even more this year. because designing the site is one thing, actually promoting it and planning for the future is probably harder. i’ve been locked away designing this thing, now i have to work with others to plot the direction.