Apple’s Keynote and Questions

January 8, 2003

I didn’t know this until I read it over at Matthew Langham’s weblog, that Apple’s new “Powerpoint Killer” Keynote , saves in XML. So does this mean that Keynote could also be a simple web publishing platform? You have graphics, xml, maybe some css….just what people designing basic sites need. A WYSIWYG publishing program cheaper than BBEdit and the same price at the new Macromedia Contribute. Could this be a “Frontpage Express” for the Mac? Archipelago News brought up the question, “Why doesn’t Apple have “iBlog” weblogging software as part of iLife? “. Could Keynote be used as an iBlog-type tool if it’s scriptable with Applescript?

I might have to get a copy to find out more. And maybe someone smarter than me can answer these questions.