Thoughts on Safari

January 8, 2003

I guess I’m joining the pack of bloggers, giving their $.02 about Apple’s new web browser, Safari . I for one love it. It’s fast and just is full of neat features. There are some css bugs as Mark Pilgrim and Mena Trott have pointed out, but since this is a beta, I’m not too worried. This site displays like it does on Windows IE 6, replacing dotted attributes with dashed in the rendering. I’m working on a new site that uses the css z-index attribute and Safari doesn’t ender that page correctly. But all in all, my work site rendered perfectly….equal with how it appears in IE, along with my other sites, seem to look fine.

I switched to Chimera in December 2002 and as of today, I’m only going to use it for site development. I’m switching to Safari.

The largest negative cry I’m hearing on Slashdot and numerous other sites, is the lack of tabs for web browsing. I’ve tried to use tabs in Opera and Chimera but I just can’t stand them. So the lack of ’em isn’t a deal breaker for me. I always find multiple windows, using the Apple-Tilde (~) combo to switch between them, works better for me.

As the beta process continues, I’m looking forward to all of the updates. It seems like a very stable browser and it’s only a .8 beta…..remember Mozilla at .8? Good rendering….bad stability. Maybe this browser will also make it’s appearance on Windows in the coming months too. Safari should be a good browser for OS X by the time it’s 1.0.