The “Who Mike Wants to Win the Grammy” List

January 10, 2003

I will go ahead and state, that the following list is really just for my amusement. I really want the people listed to win. I also added a “Who will probably win” list, since more than likely Bruce Springsteen will win just because he has a new album out. Not that it was well written, just well promoted. Not voting for Bruce is letting the terrorists win. 😉 Oh and Dave Matthews will probably win, because he is non-threatening and nice to listen to when driving your SUV.

Record of the Year

Norah Jones

“Don’t Know Why”

Good voice, nice songs. Especially when compared to the others. Just a nice record

Who will probably win: Eminem

Album of the Year

Norah Jones

“Come Away With Me”

Like I said above, plus it’s just a bunch of good songs.

Who will probably win: Bruce Springsteen

Song of the Year

“Don’t Know Why”

from (you guessed it) Norah Jones, Jesse Harris as the songwriter.

Who will probably win: Bruce Springsteen

Best New Artist (a.k.a The Kiss of Death Award)

Norah Jones or John Mayer

Who will probably win: Ashanti

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

Norah Jones

“Don’t Know Why”



“Get the Party Started”

Who will probably win: Pink

Best Male Pop Vocal performance



Who will probably win: Sting

Best Pop Performance Duo or Group w/ Vocal

No Doubt

“Hey Baby”

Who will probably win: Dave Matthews Band

Best Pop Collab w/ Vocals

“What A Wonderful World”

Tony Bennett & kd lang

Who will probably win: Santana & Michelle Branch

Best Pop Vocal Album

Come Away With Me

Norah Jones

Who will probably win: Pink

Best Rock Performance by a duo or group

In My Place


Who wil probably win: Hero – Chad Kroger or god forbid, Creed

Best Hard Rock Performance (a.k.a the Jethro Tull Award)

Youth of the Nation


Best Metal Performance

Never Gonna Stop

Rob Zombie

Best Rock Song

When I’m Gone

3 Doors Down

Who will probably win: The Rising (Bruce Springsteen)

Best Rock Album

I am really torn on this, that Sheryl Crow album wasn’t too bad, but I really want Elvis Costello to win.

Who will probably win: The Rising (Bruce Springsteen)

Best Alt. Music Album

Cruel Smile

Elvis Costello

Best Polka Album

Who will probably win: The polka equlivent of Bruce Springsteen

Producer of the year, non classical

Arif Mardin

Come away with me – norah jones

Who will probably win: Rick Rubin