January 11, 2003

1/9/2003 – Teacher Who Was Charged With Sodomy Is Found Dead – Breaking News – Chattanoogan.com

Ridgeland teacher charged with sodomy

Earlier this week, I thought of writing about the arrest of one of my former teachers. I thought about it some more and gave the benefit of doubt to Bill. Having been in his homeroom and various classes though the years, I knew he was a little weird as science teachers go but I never thought he was gay or even into teenage boys. So it was with a little shock that I read the above article.

I knew a boy he took in after the kid’s mother was sent to jail for child battery….I later found out that my Grandmother was on the Grand Jury for that case. It seemed that Bill let ths boy stay with him when he had no other place to go. I now wonder if this (then) kid was abused by Bill. sick sick sick.

Even as I type this, I have mixed emotions. He was a good teacher. Showing me and my fellow students how interesting Chemistry was. He was a good homeroom teacher, whom we had really deep discussions with about the world. Oh…and he was reported to have made alcohol in the science lab. Driving to work in that fucking old, beat-up 60’s Volvo….

So sometime Wednesday, he was found dead in his home. He left behind a resignation letter. Knowing how much of a asshole he was at times, it was probably very interesting. Now instead of thinking about one of the few teachers who actually taught me anything, I’m now wondering how many more boys will come forward.

This man, who was charged with the education of children, took it upon himself to violate that trust . The trust of a student to a teacher. A trust that got it’s start in the very tenets behind the principles of teaching. Because it wasn’t just one boy he took that trust from, it was from all of his former students. Who are all now thanking their stars that it wasn’t them.

[mk 01-10-03] After I wrote all of this, I started hearing rumors about how he was exonerated by the boy in question….Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to defend yourself when you commit suicide. But then again it’s a rumor. So I don’t know what to think.