Dreamhost Vacuum

January 17, 2003

My site has been down and was reverted to an older version as of last night. Local paths have been changed and we received no communication regarding a change. I’m not the only one with the problems. Charles over at Off the Kuff, had the same problem . I had a page ready to be manually updated and I’ve taken parts of that to explain the situation further.

Before we went to bed last evening, my wife was commenting on something I wrote about. We laughed and joked about it. Then we went to bed. I awoke this morning, only to find my entries on both this page and the bookmarks page were the ones available before Thursday. My MySQL database showed me that this data did exist, they were listed in Movable Type, my search engine pointed to it, and my static pages did not have those files. I tried to republish, but nothing went to the proper site. I can FTP in, but I am unable to publish as I normally do.

So, the first thing I did was to make a backup of my database. The next thing I did was go to Dreamhost’s support form. Made my entry and I’m still waiting on a response, some 3 hours later. I have my settings to where any 4 or 5 star problem goes to my email box. I would think that moving my server to another server or having to restore data would rank up there.

I completely understand server failures, trust me. But I do not understand the lack of communication by a company to their customers. That would have gotten me fired in my IT days.

Hopefully that will explain it. Comments were unavailable for most of the morning. A few other funky things have happened. This is really a bad problem with Dreamhost. While their support isn’t too bad, little things and little downtimes that are dismissed as “no one else has a problem”, is making me really think about moving.