January 18, 2003

If I saw a sign that said “God Bless Iraq “, I really don’t know what I would have said…or done.

I don’t remember any of this crap going on during the Gulf War. I remember going out to hold out banners and flags when groups of troops were going down I-75. They would get off of the exits and were greeted by thousands of people just saying “Thank You” and “We support you”. It was just emotional. I remember my girlfriend at the time, just hugging one of the soldier and getting one of his dog tags. Her brother was stationed in Alaska so she just was overwhelmed with emotion.

It’s not that I support war. I’m completely opposed to war of any kind. But, I want to support those who are in the military. Because while I never chose to enter the military, these people chose to go in to keep our country free. They’re giving their life for a college scholarship or just making a living doing what they’re the best at.

My opinions are:

Sometimes you have to go to war to protect freedom.

Sometimes you have to go to war to protect others.

Sometimes you have to go to war and unfortunately people die.

I might lose some visitors over this. I really don’t care. I respect a lot of opinions, but I just don’t see how this can go on. Do some of you people forget that planes were used as missiles? Do you forget that Iraq has had UN restrictions since 1991 and they’ve violated them constantly. Forget about oil. This isn’t about oil…if it was we would have taken over the Middle East during the oil crisis in the 70’s. This is about stopping those who are a major threat to me and you.