professional renters

January 21, 2003

At times, this weblog also becomes “the moving journal”. I think I’ve moved about three times now since I started in 2000. Niki had a stroke of genius and signed us up for a half month lease of the new apartment. We’re able to take our time and get everything situated how we like. We only have our big things, like couches and entertainment centers, left in the old place. I’m fighting a lite cold, since we spent all weekend in sub-freezing conditions trying to move things to the new place.

While we were moving something really f-ing heavy with a very cold wind blowing at us, we decided to never move during winter ever again.

The new place actually feels more like a home to us. While I liked the (now) old place, it never made me feel like I was at home. The new digs are smaller. About one bedroom and one bathroom smaller. So now, we have to really think about where we put things. Everything is now an example of engineering brilliance. I’m still thanking god that we did enough clearing out where we got all of the small things over in about 8-10 hours work.

Every move we make, has been with less stuff. I’m about 3 drum sets lighter and about 4 computers lighter now, with the final complete tower shipping out yesterday. Instead of selling it on eBay, one of my fellow 68kMLA members traded a nice Compaq laptop for it. I really hate relying on VirtualPC, so it will be nice having a PC laptop for testing and Niki’s use. Eventually we will be wireless, but that will have to wait until Summer. But I digress…

So anyways, by Saturday we hope to have everything of value our of the old place. We have to clean the place up and move a couple more pieces to storage, but beyond that we will be done. oh and tired too.