Mustings on Tape

January 22, 2003

I’ve been reading a pretty good “behind the scenes” story about the recording industry, The Daily Adventures of Mixerman I admit, I read it until late last night and read a few pages early this morning. I really really wonder if Mixerman isn’t the producer/engineer who did the very first studio demo I was on. They pretty much sound like a band I was in long ago. I’ve been “Dumb Ass” a couple of times and other times I completely can’t identify.

I don’t know, but I could have sworn that some of my tracks were “enhanced”, but I had no proof. Then again, this was before ProTools was as prominent in the studio. I saw Cakewalk, but not ProTools. Then reading about how the producer, pa, and engineer re-recorded the parts, made me really think about how this was possible.

I remember a time when I had to record a cover of Zep’s ‘No Quarter” onto a 4 track. It’s a hard ass song to record with the click track going. I think we had about 18 takes on that one. I can’t remember if a razor was used on the tracks. God, my confidence was just horrible at the time. Eventually we got it, but it was a hard track. Possibly the most stressful music-related event in my life….but It did teach me a lot.

Reading something even remotely similar to parts of my life, now has me wanting to play again.