Bark Cough Ow Knock-Knock Move

January 26, 2003

Hi, we’re moved into out new digs and we’re very tired. We’ve found one drawback to our new apartment, dogs. Barking dogs. Barking dogs above us. Barking dogs at 12:01am. There better not be Barking Dogs at 3:01am.

Aside from the fact that everyone in the building told us about “those dogs” and their owners, we’re still here. Oh and they have a loud TV and everyone in the building told us about that too. Oh and they have a three strike rule around here. Guess what, they’re on two with one left.

Niki’s been fighting a horrible dry cough that we found out was a side effect from one of her medicine’s. So between being tired, hearing dogs, nursing someone with a cold/cough, it’s been a very eventful and tiresome day.