State of the Union 2003

January 28, 2003

State of the Union 2003

Ok, this is a little experiment in publishing. I’m watching the ABC coverage with Peter Jennings and as they’re panning the floor I see Tom Ridge and Laura Bush.

[905] Sgt. At Arms announced the President. President enters and shakes hands of all of those who would normally not kiss his ass.

Bush gives a quick synapsys.

Standing ovation #1

union is strong….blah blah blah let’s get to the hydrogen fuel .

Largest tax relief in a generation. Tough reforms for corporate criminals. “Good start”

“Employment for everyone” This is a little funny to me, in all reality, there are a lot of people who really don’t want to work. So why is this ideal of everyone working being pushed?

[9:11]Republicans stand up for tax breaks

Marriage penalty, child tax credits, tax relief for “everyone”.

Nancy Pelosi looks like she was about to giggle.

[9:14] everyone stands

Asks for the end of the double taxation of dividends. I’m not an accountant so please in english please.

“Spending Discipline in Washington D.C.”

Hillary looks like she made a smart ass remark to Lieberman. I could mouth read “paychecks”

Healthcare for all americans. In reality this is already happening. Costs too mush….bullshit. Will not be solved with a national healthcare …..

Healthcare for seniors….how about for young people too.

Put nurses and providers back in charge of medicine….WTF? Who do they think works at hospitals. Most hospitals ran by clinical people, have business problems. Because clinical people aren’t business minded.

prime causes of higher costs…high costs of liability of medical treatments. “losing fine doctors” bullshit. pass medical reforms. bullshit. destroy the industry.

american energy conservation. produce more energy at home. 70% cut in power plants over the next 15 years.

fires in the forest? this relates to energy?

$1.2b in funding for hydrogen power automobiles. good idea. cheap. produces water as a bi-product.


cute little puppy speech

$450m toward mentors for at risk youth.

[9:27] anti drug education programs. $600m drug treatment funding. good.


dammit. against partial birth abortion. i might just not vote for him now. what about fucking choice?

against human cloning.

educate children of Afghanistan…boys and girls. i/p union. feeding hungry. we give a majority of all food to the world’s hungry.

300m have AIDS in africa. what about diabetes….kills more than any other disease. AIDS is horrible, but what about education? what about condoms?

[9:32] ugandan aids rep stands.

emergency plan for aids relief. prevent 7m aids infections. humane care. should have been done during bush sr’s or reagan’s administration.


international terrorism. “We_Are_Winning_”


ok, enough. watch it.

project “Bioshield”