Huggin’ Docs

February 4, 2003

Niki has been fighting what her Doctor believes to be pneumonia [_We found out it was severe bronchitis _ . It’s been keeping Niki up at night coughing and really making it hard on her to function. She only got about 30 minutes sleep and by her account that was when she fell asleep in the freezer, as it was the only place she could breath. So adding all of this up, I really didn’t want her driving to her Doctor’s appt. this morning, so I drove her.

We got to the doctor’s office and had to sit for a little while in the room. When her name was called we went to the back where Niki was immediately hugged by the nurse…..Niki does her hair. She was really worried about Niki and since Niki was feeling bad she wanted to give her a little hug.

So we’re back in the room, waiting on her doc, when she finally comes in and like the nurse, gives Niki and big hug…..she does her hair too. She is just as friendly as she can be and offers to find out what is causing her to be sick.

The main reason I’m talking about this is really the great bedside manner Niki receives. See, this is how every physician should be with their patients. Now, I really don’t want a big bear hug from my physician, but it’s just a good thing to have a nice “human” instead of those god-like physicians.