Me See Punxatawney One Day

February 6, 2003

The past few days, I’ve been so deep into coding and programming, plus working on a couple of design ideas, that I’m getting a little tired. Coding ASP to replace a JavaScript while jotting notes for a template. I’m so tired of JavaScript and it’s really really getting on my f-ing nerves.

So, I really need to get back to reading. I picked up a couple of books this past weekend,
“Me Talk Pretty One Day”
by David Sedaris and Upton Sinclair’s “
The Jungle
“. I caught Sedaris on Letterman one evening and really liked how he told a story. He writes like he talks. Very funny man. I also enjoyed the show he wrote and his sister, Amy*, starred in “Strangers With Candy “. I read about 3/4ths of the book on Sunday and hope to go back over it this week. Maybe I’ll read “the Jungle” later.

My boredom is really my incessant inner monologue wanting Spring to arrive. I don’t know what was keeping me from bringing an end to Punxatawney Phil , after he didn’t see his shadow. That grassy knoll was just a little to far to drive I guess. Reading really good books until it warms up, helps cheat the boredom and the thoughts of having a groundhog fur drink coozie.

*I forgot about this, until I read a little on the SWC page, that Amy was also in one of my favorite comedy shows, Exit 57 .