MadCow Revisited

February 9, 2003

If you’re a long time reader, you might remember when I used a Windows system. My main system, nicknamed MadCow, was a giant Gateway tower from 1993 that was constantly upgraded until I switched to the Mac. It was a great stable system that I never had the heart to get rid of. It was even mentioned in my first post .

When we were moving, I posted it on our local mailing list to see if anyone wanted this system. no takers. So I thought of my aunt who really wants to get online, but doesn’t have the cash to spend on a new system. So she gave me some cash to get parts, CD and Hard Drive.

I spent yesterday trying to get this system working….unsuccessfully. I had it working for about 2 minutes, but that’s the only time today. I tested the memory, but I think the CMOS is dead. So today I’ll made a run for a new one. I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but being unused for about 9 months probably killed it.

I’m trying to think of another computer, but I have no more to give out. I thought MadCow was a great computer and was really hoping to not trash it, but I might have to…..